Friday, February 27, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: February 27, 2015

Focus: What is the purpose of our banned books?

If you were absent yesterday, please catch yourself up with the following items:

a. Grab a Macbeth book and get scanned in.
b. Get a fishbowl overview packet from me.
c. Sign up for leadership and discusser dates.
d. Make sure your Macbeth essay is in the "Final Draft" folder in

1. Warming up with a brief quiz on verb tenses via

2. Relaxing into your banned books (today is your final reading day)

3. Learning about your banned book persuasive speech and signing up for dates

4. Enjoying a little inspiration from an unexpected performer

1. Finish reading your banned book and start planning your speech.

2. Bring F451 to class on Monday; if you'd like to purchase your own copy, now is the time.

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