Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: February 25, 2015

Focus: What does our future look like?

PLC: Shortened Class

Before we start class, please take 60 seconds to complete the Google form linked HERE.

1. Warming up: Exploring your thoughts on competition and "equality"

Agree, disagree, unsure: State your stance and give two good, specific reasons/pieces of evidence.

a. We shouldn't keep score at kids' sports games (kids = age ten and under).

b. All high school teams should include a team from which no one gets cut.

c. On every team, every kid should get to play every position.

d. We should treat everyone equally.

2. Finishing  "Harrison Bergeron" together
  • On each page, ask at least three questions (these should be Level 1 and Level 2 questions).
  • Try to make one or two solid connections to the video you watched today, to the survey, or to our society.
  • At the end of the story, pose at least one good Level 3 question.
3. Reviewing fishbowl expectations and enjoying a 20 minute impromptu fishbowl discussion of the statements above and of "Harrison Bergeron"

4. Signing up for leader and discusser dates for the F451 fishbowls, if time allows

Do you still have your blue (or green) bookmarks?

1. Continue working on your draft. Before you come to class on Thursday, you need to submit your essay to the "Final Macbeth Essays" folder in You do not need a hard copy unless you're feeling nervous about it. 

Connor and Christian: Here is the class ID: 9074074

2. Banned books need to be finished in exactly one week.

3. If you'd like additional feedback on your essay, please e-mail me by NOON with something specific to focus on.

4. Please click here for an important letter for your parents regarding P-T conferences (hard copy sent home as well).

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