Wednesday, February 11, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: February 11, 2015

Focus: What larger themes can we draw from Macbeth?

1. Warming up with the final battle scene, keeping in mind the following:

a. Consider the way in which Polanski stages Macbeth's death; what does it symbolize about the way Macbeth lived his life?

b. What emblem does Macduff bear on his armor? What does it symbolize about Macduff?

c. Who fights dirty, and who fights honorably? What does this reveal about these two characters?

d. Polanski adds a short, final scene to the play. What do you think he's up to?

2. Exploring the essay overview and developing thesis statements

Step 1: Open your word trace, and highlight your three best sentences.

Step 2: Scroll through the class blogs from the last few weeks and find a focus question that interests you. On a new Google doc entitled _________________ 's Macbeth Essay, try to answer the question by using your word. DO THIS FOR TWO DIFFERENT FOCUS QUESTIONS.

For example, let's say the focus question was "What does it mean to lead a noble life?"  And let's say that my word is "nature." 

I could say, "Leading a noble life means repressing natural instincts driven by greed and embracing the part of human nature that respects the lives of others." 

Step 3:  Looking over the connections you just made and your three best sentences from your word trace, try to come up with two different ideas your word represents and create a thesis that connects your word to these ideas.

Ex: Again, let's say my word is "nature." Here is a possible thesis: 
In Shakespeare's Macbeth, the motif of nature reveals both the rewards of respect and the repercussions of greed.

3. If time allows, starting on your topic sentences

My topic sentence #1: In Macbeth, the characters of Banquo and Macduff reveal that human nature, when driven by respect, is noble and heroic.

My topic sentence #2: Lady Macbeth in Macbeth demonstrates that human nature disintegrates into something monstrous when ruined by greed. 

1. Finish your thesis and topic sentences by tomorrow. Please make sure your Google doc is shared with me.

2. Read  your banned book; remember that they must be finished by March 2, which is only about two and a half weeks away.

3. This Friday is the end of 6 weeks; anything you'd like to revise/redo must be turned in by then. IF you're redoing your word trace, make sure you give the yellow rubric back to me.

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