Tuesday, February 10, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: February 10, 2015

Focus: How do the ways in which the characters die reflect the ways in which they lived their lives?

1. Warming up with some directorial thoughts

a. How would you stage Lady Macbeth's death? Would it be noble? What larger meaning would you be trying to evoke regarding her character or any larger themes in the play?

b. How would you stage Young Siward's death? Would it be noble? What larger purpose would it serve?

c. The big question: How would you stage Macbeth's death? Would it be noble? What larger meaning would you be trying to evoke regarding his character, his downfall, or any larger themes?

2. Battling out the final scene of Act 5 with a focus who lives, who dies, and why it matters:

In "Ye Ole Daily Class Log" (or with sticky notes--your choice), keep a list of which characters die. For each one, discuss and write down...
  • How does the character die?
  • Is the death a "noble" one (think back to your brainstorming from last week)?
  • How is the manner of death is fitting for each particular character? Try to think of each death symbolically.
  • Which characters get to live, and why is significant that they survive?
3. Viewing and discussing Polanski's interpretation of Act 5

  • How does he stage each of the deaths? 
  • Read each one symbolically and try to figure out the thinking behind his choices.

1. Final word traces are due today. I will likely start grading them around 3:00 pm.

2. This Friday is the end of 6 weeks; anything you'd like to revise/redo must be turned in by then. IF you're redoing your word trace, make sure you give the yellow rubric back to me.

3. How are those banned books, y'all?

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  1. I think lady Macbeth death should be staged off scene. Since she is going crazy she is suspected to either overdose or die because of lack of sleep. I think Seward death should be noble and shows how powerful and ruthless Macbeth is. Macbeth doesn't deserve a noble meaningful death I think he should be killed and that's it because of all the horrible things hes done.