Friday, February 6, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: February 6, 2015

Focus: According to Shakespeare, what does it mean to lead a noble life? What does it mean to have a noble death?

1. Warming up by acing a quiz on subjects and verbs (10 min)

2. Relaxing into your banned books (20-30 min) and setting a reading schedule for yourself

3. Reuniting with your acting company to tackle the following tasks:

a. Read the scene summaries for the rest of Act 5 so that you get a preview of Monday.

b. In "Ye Ole Daily Class Log" (or with sticky notes--your choice), keep a list of which characters die. For each one, discuss and write down...
  • How each one dies
  • Whether or not the death was "noble" (think back to your brainstorming from yesterday)
  • How the manner of death is fitting for this particular character

c. Also in "Ye Ole Daily Class Log," try doing the following for EACH of the five acts:

On a plot level, Act 1 is about...
On a deeper level, Act 1 is about...

On a plot level, Act 2 is about...
(and continue this for all five acts)

1. Final versions of your word traces are due Tuesday at the latest. Remember that you should have at least eight entries.

2. Read your banned book; make sure you're on track to finish by March 2.

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