Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: October 1, 2014

Focus: How can the film version help you understand something new about Of Mice and Men?

PLC: Shortened Class

Henry, usually the happiest person in America, was not so happy last night.  He has a raging ear infection and a fever of 103, so as much as I miss you all, I need to stay home and just be his mama today.  You get to watch the film version today because I'd like to be in class when you're actually writing the paragraph of response.

1. Warming up: As you watch the film version, I'd like you to keep the questions below in mind.  At the end of today's class, you will send me an e-mail in which you respond briefly to each question:

How is the opening scene in the film different from the opening scene in the book?
Are the characters in the film the way you pictured them when reading the book? Why or why not?
Is the film helping you understand anything a little better about the book?  Explain.

2. Viewing the film (with the critical eye of a good reader)

3. Sending me an e-mail responding to the questions above

1. Please complete the new assignment ("Quote Transitions") on www.noredink.com before class tomorrow.

2. Look over the three quotations you plan to use in your paragraph in response (aka, last night's homework).  For each quotation, please type a sentence or two that leads into the quote by offering a little background information that helps the reader understand the quotation. What has just happened in the book when this quote takes place?  If it's a quote said aloud, who said it and to whom?

Ex: After Carson takes Candy's dog outside and kills him, Candy sadly admits to George, "I ought to have shot that dog myself."

3. Independent reading (bring your book to class on Friday).

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