Thursday, September 11, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: September 11, 2014

Focus: What background knowledge helps us understand the Chapter 1 of Of Mice and Men?

1. Warming up: Sharing my 9-11 story with you

2. Troubleshooting your apostrophe issues

Student-teacher partners

Teach your partner the difference between the following pairs...

Elsa and Ana's parents

Elsa's and Ana's parents

The student's shoes

The students' shoes


The Joneses
The Jones's

Why do I need an apostrophe when I write '70s, but I don't need one when I write 1970s?

3. Synthesizing your inferences, questions, and research about the Great Depression

Social/Public Life  vs. Family/Private Life

4. Entering Steinbeck's world: Reading Chapter 1 together with background information, questions, and inferences about possible symbols

1. Please finish reading Chapter 1 in Of Mice and Men; complete either a full page in your reading journal or complete five annotations if you're not using the reading journal.

2. Study for tomorrow's quiz on apostrophes.

3. Bring your independent reading book to class tomorrow.

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