Thursday, September 25, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: September 25, 2014

Focus: How does Of Mice and Men end, and what does it all mean?

1. Warming up with some tricky ACT subject-verb agreement

  • For the ACT exercises, first cross off any phrases that distract us from finding the subject.  
  • Then, try to isolate the subject.
  • Lastly, figure out which verb fits that subject.

2. Perusing some of your symbolic thoughts on the blog...

The death of Curley's wife symbolizes the death of a dream. Because when she died, so did any hope of her going to Hollywood. and any chance of George and Lennie getting a little plot of land.

The puppy that Lennie kills in Chapter 5 symbolizes the ending of the dream that Candy, Lennie, and George always talked about because there is no longer a way that Lennie can be normal and not be a problem. Everything he touches breaks, literally.

3. Reading the first page of Chapter 1 and the first page of Chapter 6 with a symbolic focus

What specific things have disappeared or changed from Chapter 1?
What has been added to Chapter 6 that wasn't present in Chapter 1?

4. Acting out the final chapter and discussing it in small groups

1. Study for tomorrow's quiz on subject-verb agreement, along with studying for any other grammar quizzes they'd like to retake.

2. Finish your Chapter 6 journal entry/annotations if you did not finish in class; I WILL BE COLLECTING YOUR JOURNALS AND CHECKING YOUR ANNOTATIONS TOMORROW IN CLASS.

3. Tomorrow is the end of 6 weeks; if you have any make-up work or revisions to complete, please do so before then.  Also, if you'd like to retake any grammar quizzes, you can do so on Friday during class.

4. Bring your independent reading book to class tomorrow.

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