Friday, September 26, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: September 26, 2014

Focus: How can we improve your grammar, your grades, and understanding of Steinbeck's themes?

Please turn in your Of Mice and Men reading journals or have your annotated book out on your desk.  Also, remember that today is the deadline for make-up work.

1. Warming up with subject-verb agreement: Take the Subject-Verb Agreement, Part 2 quiz on

2. Improving your grade with retaking any quizzes that threw you for a loop

3. Independent reading

4. Discussing the ending of Of Mice and Men

Topic 1: In each chapter, what foreshadowing of Lennie's death does Steinbeck offer us?

Topic 2: Why does George kill Lennie? Are you okay with this?

Topic 3: What do you think about Steinbeck is trying to teach us about dreams?

1. You have exactly two more weeks to complete your independent reading book (and we will be starting The Kite Runner soon, which will bring about heavier reading assignments).

2. Keep your laptops charged, men!  You will be typing like maniacs next week.

3. Show up on time for your conference.  If you've already had your conference, remember to do the following by Monday:

  • Set one concrete reading goal and one concrete writing goal that can be accomplished by March.
  • E-mail me these two goals.
  • Copy the e-mail to your parents/stepparents/guardians to keep them in the loop.

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