Monday, September 15, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: September 15, 2014

Focus: What can we infer about George's and Lennie's journeys as characters?

1. Warming up with happy Monday journaling: One immediate thing to look forward to, one far off thing to look forward to

2. Developing character hero cards for George and Lennie with a partner

For each card (except Card 1), provide one specific quotation from Chapter 1 of Of Mice and Men that clearly demonstrates your argument.

Card 1: Full name of the character
Card 2: This character's dominant outward quality (something you can see just by observing him)
Card 3: This character's dominant inward quality (something you figure out about him once you get to know him a bit)
Card 4: This character's goal (What does he want?)
Card 5: This character's motivation (Why does he want it?)
Card 6: What's at stake for this character? (What does he have to lose?)
Card 7: This character's flaw or need
Card 8: The source of this flaw or need (Where does it come from/what's causing it?)
Card 9: The effect this flaw/need might have on the character's ability to reach his goal

Please have out your reading journals or annotations so that I check them off during class.

3. Swapping partners so that "Georges" and "Lennies" can compare cards

4. Trying out character thesis statements together on the board

Steinbeck develops George as a character who ______________ but also _________________.
Steinbeck develops Lennie as a character who ______________ but also _________________.

Which of your cards/quotations would best support each thesis?

Please place your cards in the appropriate George and Lennie bags.  
Calling all artists: Can you please decorate the outside of these bags to reflect the characters?

5. Starting Chapter 2 together

1. Please finish reading Chapter 2; complete a new journal entry or 5 new annotations.

2. Independent reading.

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