Monday, September 8, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: September 8, 2014

Focus: How have our reading strategies grown over the past three weeks?

1. Warming up with a quick analysis of Batman Begins and a time in which you faced your fear

The short movie clip from Batman Begins is linked HERE.

a. The visual: Important images, colors, movements, postures, clothes, facial expressions, etc.

b. The music: How would you describe it? What tone does it help create?
c. The voices: What words are spoken out loud?  Why are they important?
d. The central character: What can we infer about him and how?

2. Returning to your Reading Boot Camp tests and trying to improve upon some of your reading skills

"Roll Away Your Stone"

Visa Commercial

3. Turning in your post-tests and your reading journals on Batman Begins

1. Please finish your Reading Boot Camp post-test if you did not finish in class.

2. Independent reading (remember that books must be finished by Oct 10, which is one month).

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