Friday, October 3, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged:October 3, 2014

Focus: How can we strengthen our essay content?

Note: The grammar quiz on quote transitions is cancelled because you will be assessed on this skill in your essay. Happy Friday!

You can access the editing slides by clicking HERE or by checking out the "Essay Writing" page on my website.

1. Warming up with your independent reading book (these are the last moments of class time I'm giving you to read this book, men, so use them well!)

2. Looking a strong summary response together

3. Editing your rough draft by smoothing out lead-ins, deepening lead-outs, and including transitions and a concluding sentence.

Click HERE for some helpful transitional words and phrases.

1. Aim to finish your independent reading book over the weekend if you have not done so; next week, you're going to be worrying about reading The Kite Runner and finishing your Of Mice and Men essay.

2. Edit your paragraph of response based on today's editing.  When you walk in Monday, you should have a complete, pretty good draft ready to go.

3. By Wednesday of next week, e-mail me a childhood picture of you with a sibling or best friend (it cannot be an imaginary friend).

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