Friday, October 10, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: October 10, 2014

Focus: How do we develop effective presentations on our independent reading books?

1. Warming up with a brief and enjoyable quiz on colons and semicolons (

2. Checking off last minute details on your summary-response essays

a. Did you delete all comments and brainstorming?  (Make sure you have finished revising before you do this.)

b. Do have a proper MLA heading and creative title?

c. Is it double spaced?

d. Is your thesis in bold?

e. Has it been carefully proofread?

f. Is it printed?  Remember that you must turn in a hard copy in order for it to be counted as on time.

g. If you are absent Monday, you still need to make sure I have your final draft.

3. Introducing you to your independent reading book talks, giving you time to get started, and signing up for presentation dates

4. Offering you a little spoof of Of Mice and Men

1. A hard copy of your summary response is due first thing on Monday.  Late essays will be penalized 5 points a day.

2. Work on your book talk (due on your presentation day).

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