Tuesday, October 7, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: October 7, 2014

Focus: How can improve the maturity of our writing style?

1. Warming up with SAS Writing Reviser (let it help you with sentence variety)

I'm going to walk you through the program using Kyle L's essay, and then I'll give you time to play around with it on your own.

Remember that it's a computer program, not artificial intelligence.  You have to use your own brain to interpret the results it will offer you.

I would make any revisions directly in your Google doc, not in SAS.

2. Editing and "grading" each other's essays using the official rubric

3. If time allows, completing your www.noredink.com assignment of the week: Colons and Semicolons

1. FINAL DRAFTS ARE DUE OCTOBER 13.  The grade you receive on this final draft is, in fact, final, so please see me or e-mail me if you need more feedback on your rough draft.

2. Finish your independent reading book by Friday.

3.  By tomorrow, e-mail me a childhood picture of you with a sibling or best friend (it cannot be an imaginary friend).

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