Wednesday, April 8, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: April 8, 2015

Focus: How can use The Truman Show to help us better understand F451?

1. Warming up: Using your notes to think about The Truman Show more deeply (2 min/each)

a. Take a look at your character descriptions.  Which minor character (any character besides Truman) was the most important to Truman's heroic journey and why?

b. Take a look at your symbols/motifs.  Which object carried the most symbolic weight and why? What does it symbolize to Truman? To Cristoff? How did its meaning shift a little throughout the film?

c. Reread your questions.  Pick two questions that seem important to understanding the film as a whole and respond to them thoroughly.

d. Examine the connections you made to Fahrenheit 451. Which one is the most revealing/intriguing/important?  Type a few sentences in which you really explore and expand upon this connection; be as specific as possible.

2. Using Team Shake to shake up your editing: Google sharing your thesis statements and getting peer feedback:

  • Is it clear (well-worded and easy to understand)?
  • Is it specific (mentions specific characters, symbols, titles, and problems/solutions)?
  • Is it debatable (makes an argument instead of merely summarizing what happens)?
  • Is it provable (can be backed up by examples from both texts)?
  • Which one is the overall strongest?

3. Putting your thesis to work: Forming your outline and composing topic sentences

Click HERE for the outline and make a copy for yourself (you must be signed in to do this). Once you have chosen your favorite thesis and revised it, please copy it into the thesis section of the outline.

1. If you have not yet put those remaining F451 words into quizlet, now is the time! Review tomorrow, quiz on Friday.

2. Finish revising your thesis and forming your topic sentences before class tomorrow; start filling in the rest of the outline, which must be complete before class on Friday.

3. If you're delivering your banned book speech on Friday, prepare and rehearse.

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