Tuesday, April 7, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: April 7, 2015

Focus: How do we close read a film, and what larger meanings can we take from The Truman Show?

1. Warm-up: Close reading two scenes from The Truman Show

Some close reading questions to jump start your thinking...

Why is Truman looking a mirror?
How are his drawing and speech symbolic?
How is this moment significant to the film as a whole?

What might the water (and the storm) symbolize?
What might the boat symbolize?
How does this scene reflect an important change in Truman?
What do you think is the most significant moment in this scene and why?
What does Christof represent?

Why do you think the writer of this film named the protagonist "Truman"?
Why do you think Bradbury named his protagonist "Guy"?

2. New grid group discussions of The Truman Show (15-20 min)

3. Composing a rough thesis that draws together The Truman Show and Fahrenheit 451

Some samples...

Character analysis:
Both Guy from F451 and Truman from The Truman Show share the heroic traits of ________ and _________, revealing that a true hero must ___________________________.

Both Guy from F451 and Truman from The Truman Show prove that the desires to ____________________ and ____________________cannot be repressed, suggesting that humans are naturally ________________________.

Both Clarisse from F451 and Sylvia from The Truman Show spark the main characters to realize ________________ and _______________, showing that _________________________.

Cristoff and Beatty?

Mildred/friends and the people watching The Truman Show?

Problem - Solution:
In both F451 and The Truman Show, the societies suffer from _________________, but they ultimately _______________________, revealing that _____________________________.

In both F451 and The Truman Show, the protagonists struggle to ____________________, but they eventually succeed in _________________________, revealing that _______________________.

The ____________ from F451 symbolizes _______________________, while the ___________ from The Truman Show represents _______________________, both symbols suggesting that _______________________________.

1. Form three different versions of a thesis statement using Google docs and share them with me by 10 pm tonight.

2. Bring F451 to class tomorrow so that you can start gathering quotations.

3. Study the remaining vocabulary words for Friday's final vocab. quiz.

4. If you're presenting a banned book speech this Friday, prepare and rehearse.

Helpful website for spelling the director's and the characters' names correctly: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120382/fullcredits

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