Friday, April 24, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: April 24, 2015

Focus: What groundwork do we need to establish to make our book clubs successful?

Spring Assembly: Shortened Class

1. Warming up with our final round of banned book speeches!


2. Taking 10-15 minutes to sample your book-film club books

3. Meeting with your book-film clubs to establish the following:

a. Your reading schedule (make sure you record precise assignments in your student calendars)

Wednesday, April 29
Tuesday, May 5
Thursday, May 7
Finish book and watch film by Tuesday, May 12

b. Your club rules (please Google share them with me)

1. Assigned book club reading.

2. Essays due in "Final Draft" folder by 3:00 pm today.

3. If you did not finish your How/Why Chart in class yesterday, finish over the weekend.

4. We will have MAP testing on Monday. If your parents wish to opt you out, you will need a written note or an e-mail. 

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