Tuesday, April 21, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: April 22, 2015

Focus: What is our final project in English 10?

Please turn in your signed book film club proposals if you have not done so.  They were due yesterday.  If I do not receive your signed proposal by Friday, you will be reading A Separate Peace.

1. Warming up: Viewing a few sample mockumentaries

Austin and Graham
Boring History Lesson on Music

2. Figuring out the purpose and process of creating a mockumentary

3. Brainstorming possible topics

1. If you parent approved your book film club novel, then you may go ahead and purchase that novel.  You must have a hard copy of your book in your hands this Friday, April 24.

2. Prepare for your banned book speech this Friday if you haven't given yours yet.

3. Final draft of your synthesis essay due this Friday; please submit it to www.turnitin.com. There is a "rough draft folder" if you'd like to check your essay before you turn it in for real, which I highly recommend. There is a "final draft folder" for your final draft.

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