Friday, January 30, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: January 30, 2015

Focus: How can performance deepen our understanding of Act 3?

1. Warming up with our final Act 3 performances

2. Taking a little time to work through your study guides to make sure we all understand Act 3 on a plot level and a thematic level

On a plot level, Act 3 is about...

On a deeper level, Act 3 is about...

3. Enjoying a brief quiz on how to e-mail your teacher properly

4. Reading your banned books

1. Now that we have made our way through most of Act 3, you should have at least FIVE word trace entries. Use the Harvard Concordance link on the website if you need help locating your word.

2. Read your banned book.  They need to be finished by March 2 (it's about a month away).

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