Thursday, January 15, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: January 15, 2015

Focus: To what extent is Macbeth manipulated, and to what extent are his evil plans his fault?

1. Warming up: To dash or not to dash?

Hey...what's the difference?  Try to figure out the mystical rules of hyphenation based on the following pairs:

Pair #1
My coach said that I needed to work on my follow-through.

My coach said that I needed to follow through.

Pair #2
English 10 functions like a well-oiled machine.

The pencil sharpener in our room is well oiled.

Pair #3
My son is a three-year-old.

My son is three years old.

2. Finishing Act 1 and attempting to understand Lady Macbeth's manipulative skills
  • What makes Lady Macbeth so untrustworthy/deceptive?
  • Specifically, what techniques does she use to manipulate Macbeth?
  • How would you describe Macbeth in these scenes?
3. Interpreting the film version of Macbeth

In your "Ye Ole Daily Class Log" document, please try out the following task:

  • Find two symbolic choices made by the director.  Consider the actors, colors, objects, movements, and anything else that involved the director making a specific choice in turning this play into a film.
  • Why do you think he made these choices?
  • What did the film specifically help clarify for you?
1. How about those word traces?  If you haven't shared yours yet, now is the time.  

2. Short QUIZ on hyphens tomorrow, so get that assignment done if you haven't yet.

3. Banned book proposal, signatures, and actual book due tomorrow.

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