Thursday, January 22, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: January 22, 2015

Focus: Is Macbeth being moved by evil, or is he creating evil in the universe around him?

1. Warming up by easing the confusion of commonly confused words

2. Acting out Act 2, scenes 3 and 4: Using your sticky notes, please take charge of the following:
  • If your card is a heart...please mark any lines that a show the goodness and/or guilt in a character's heart
  • If your card is a diamond..please mark and analyze the use of sounds in these scenes. These can be actual sounds in the stage directions and also sounds referenced in characters' speeches.
  • If your card is a club...please keep track of all references to nature (weather, birds, water, etc) and consider how nature reflects what's happening onstage.
  • If your card is a spade...please keep track of all references to fear. What does each character fear, and how does this fear affect him or her?

3. Circling back to your blog comments from yesterday and applying them to Act 2: Can we forgive Macbeth for what he's done? Can the universe forgive him? Can he move on?

4. If time allows, viewing the film version of 2.1 with a symbolic focus

1. Update your word trace entries for Act 2, scenes 3 and 4. I'm hoping everyone has at least three entries.

2. Brief quiz tomorrow on commonly confused words.

3. Bring your banned book to class tomorrow.

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  1. I think he showed the scene to maybe remind the watcher how crazed and insane Macbeth is. This would mean that the director of the film version believes that Macbeth wants the one that murdered Duncan but rather a higher power or curse possessed him and made him do it.