Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: November 19, 2014

Focus: How can improve our writing and augment our vocabulary?

1. Warming up by trying out with our writing assessments

  • Step One: Delete everything on your timed writing document except for the essay itself.
  • Step Two: Type an MLA heading at the top of your document.
  • Step Three: Read through the Turn It In letter and fill in the following information:
    • Our class ID: 9074074
    • Our class enrollment password: english10
  • Step Four: Set up a Turn It In account by following the directions in the letter
  • Step Five: Submit your timed writing to Turn It In and read your originality report

2. Browsing your Kite Runner vocabulary for the week (Chapters 15-20) and making flashcards using your favorite app

3. Playing Scattegories to learn some of this week's tougher words

Round 1

1. A garrulous teacher or coach you've had

2. A habit that a pragmatic student might have

3. Something an affable student would say to another student

4. A rotund object

5. Something a first hour student would do to exude exhaustion

Round 2

1. An event that would leave you feeling disoriented

2. Something you would say to reconcile your relationship with your parents

3. A comment Ms. Leclaire might write on your essay if you had given it only a cursory proofreading

4. A statement that a rueful English 10 student might make

5. A subject worthy of your rumination

Round 3

1. A contemptuous gesture that a student might make in the hallway

2. A subject/topic that stupefies you

3. Something generous you could do to help out a destitute population during the holidays

4. A food that is unadulterated (pure; not contaminated by inferior substances)

5. Something we have an ample supply of here in English 10

1. Please read and annotate the final chapters of The Kite Runner for our last fishbowl discussion on Thursday; leaders should prepare their syllabus.

2. Start making flashcards for the next vocabulary list, which covers Chapters 15-20.

3. If you are giving your book talk this Friday, please prepare and rehearse it.

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