Monday, November 10, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: November 10, 2014

Focus: What is the call to action, and why is it important to the hero's journey?

1. Warming up with a rousing round of book talks!

2. Understanding the call to action and its larger important in a few heroic film clips:

  • What inner demons are tormenting the hero in this clip?
  • What is the will to act, and why is it important?
  • Listen for one or two lines you like: Write them down as precisely as possible.

  • What symbolic choices are you noticing in this scene?  Consider color, weather, and any other possible images that might carry symbolic weight.
  • How does the mentor in this scene define what the red pill and blue pill each represent?
  • In our daily lives, what might the red pill and the blue pill represent?

Why is answering the call to action a crucial part of any hero's journey? What does it prove?

3. Applying the call to action to Amir's journey in The Kite Runner:
  • What are Amir's specific inner demons, and what will it take to defeat them?
  • What is Amir's blue pill, and what is his red pill?
  • Reread the last two pages of Chapter 18 (p.226-227).  What has specifically given him the will to act/to answer the call to action?  Offer at least one specific quotation to support your thoughts.

1. Please read and annotate Chapters 19 and 20 for tomorrow's fishbowl discussion; leaders should prepare their syllabus.

2. Start making flashcards for Kite Runner, Chapters 11-14; we will have our next vocabulary quiz this Friday, along with any make-up grammar quizzes from the past seven weeks.

3. Continue preparing your book talk if you have not delivered yours yet.

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