Monday, December 8, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: December 8, 2014

Focus: How can I improve my body paragraphs?

1. Warming up with bear hugs and other good things

2. Group of editing of one brave volunteer's first body paragraph

3. Partnering up for peer editing of the first body paragraph using the official rubric

4. Revising first body paragraphs and finishing second body paragraphs

1. Please finish revising your first body paragraph and finish composing your second body paragraph before class tomorrow.

2. On Friday, bring your Kite Runner books to turn in (if you have a school copy).

3. Final drafts are due this Friday, December 12.  Late essays receive a 5 point deduction per day.

4. A heads-up: You will be taking a cumulative grammar and vocabulary test as part of your final exam; instead of taking it on the day of your final, you will take it on Monday, December 15.

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