Thursday, December 4, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: December 4, 2014

Focus: What revisions do our introductions need, and how can we form strong body paragraphs?

Please welcome Mrs. Ackerman!  Before you leave class today, please make sure that your thesis and topic sentences have been checked by one of us.  Feel free to solicit feedback on your introduction as well.

1. Warming up: What differentiates an "A" introduction from a "D" introduction?

2. Revising your own introductions into "A" quality paragraphs

3. Breaking down the anatomy of a body paragraph, old-school style

4. Drafting your own body paragraphs

1. Finish revising your introduction if you did not finish in class.
2. Complete your first body paragraph before class tomorrow. Follow the example from class today.
(A heads-up: FINAL DRAFT will be due FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12.)
3. Tomorrow's vocabulary quiz will be open note. You're welcome.

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