Wednesday, December 3, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: December 3, 2014

Focus: How can I write powerful topic sentences for a synthesis essay?

PLC: Shortened Class Today

1. Warming up: Setting up your essay document and voting on your best thesis

___________ (your last name) Hero's Journey Essay

2. Developing two powerful topic sentences based on your thesis:

Topic sentence #1: Take your first heroic trait, apply it to both works, connect it to your larger theme,  consider any similarities or differences, and try to make it a bit more specific than your thesis.Whew!

Here's my thesis: 

Amir from The Kite Runner and Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins reveal that crossing the threshold and battling the inner dragon are the two most significant steps in the hero's journey because both actions require the hero to defeat a difficult past.

Here's how I would write my 1st topic sentence:

Both Amir and Bruce initially hesitate to cross the threshold in the early part of their heroic journeys because they are daunted by their pasts; however, they eventually cross into the world of the unknown, demonstrating that true heroes must channel their fear of the past into hope for the future.

Here's how I would write my 2nd topic sentence:

Although Amir is more overpowered by his inner dragon than is Bruce, both heroes ultimately defeat their dragons, revealing that one must conquer past demons in order to complete the heroic journey.

3. Starting your introductory paragraphs

1. Please finish your topic sentences in class if you have not yet done so.

2. Finish your introductory paragraph; Ms. Ackerman will join us tomorrow to give you feedback on your introductions and topic sentences, so make sure you're caught up!

3. Study your Kite Runner vocabulary for Friday's quiz.

4. If you have any make-up work, the final deadline for submitting it is Friday, December 12.

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