Monday, December 15, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: December 15, 2014

Focus: How does the film version of The Kite Runner strengthen or challenge your understanding of the novel?

1. Warming back up with you submitted your final draft yet?


2. Finishing the film version of The Kite Runner

3. If time allows, posting a final blog comment of the semester

1. Show up on time for your final exam tomorrow.  We will only be using the first finals period.  You will need a charged, functioning laptop.

2. Tomorrow is the last day to turn in your copy of The Kite Runner before you will be issued a fine.

3. Final grades for this class will be posted by Thursday.  Final grades are final.  

89.4% = B+

89.5% = A-

(I don't round up grades just because you asked nicely; you have had many chances this semester to earn the grade you wish to have).

4. Good luck with the rest of your finals week!

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