Thursday, December 11, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: December 11, 2014

Focus: How can we deepen our understanding of The Kite Runner through viewing the film?

1. Warming up: In filming The Kite Runner, what are some of the challenges the director likely faced?

Race/ethnicity aside, whom would you cast in the following roles and why?

Rahim Khan

2. Offering you a few tidbits from an interview with Marc Forster, the director of the film version of The Kite Runner

3. Viewing the film version of The Kite Runner; as you watch, keep a running list of the following:

  • How did the director change specific aspects of the book?
  • Why do you think he made those changes?
  • Which aspects of the book the director get right, in your opinion?  Why/how?

1. Today or tomorrow, please submit a draft of your essay to to check for plagiarism before you have to turn it in for real (the assignment is called "Hero's Journey Synthesis Essay").

2. Final drafts are now due Monday, December 15, but if you turn it in tomorrow, I will grade it over the weekend for you.

3. Keep checking your rough drafts for feedback.

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