Friday, August 29, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: August 29, 2014

Focus: How can we use good questions to unlock tricky texts?

1.Warming up with establishing your own independent reading parameters

a. Books must be finished by Friday, October 10.

b. How many pages does your book have?  About how many pages do you need to read a week?

c. Are you planning to read mostly on weekends, or throughout the whole week?

d. Are you planning on reading more than one book?  This is optional.

e. Take a look at the chapters and overall set-up of the book; make sure you're sectioning the book logically into reading assignments (you don't want to end two pages before the end of a chapter).

f. Take out your student calendars and write down exactly which pages need to be finished by which precise dates.

2. Relaxing into your independent reading books (25 minutes)

3. Considering three levels of questioning, and using these questions to unlock "The Yellow Wallpaper"

1. FOR TUESDAY: Read the first half of "The Yellow Wallpaper" (you can stop at the horizontal line on page 10); fill in at least one side of the green reading chart as you read with specific Level 1 and 2 questions.

2. Complete whatever independent reading assignment you have given yourself for the weekend.

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