Thursday, August 21, 2014

All Boys, All Blogged: August 21, 2014

Focus: What strategies do you currently use as a reader?  What are your strengths and weaknesses as a reader?

1. Warm-up: Quickly recapping independent reading and explaining tonight's homework
  • Your book should be one that you haven't yet read.
  • Your book should be at your reading level (remember the "five finger" rule).
  • You should really, really like your book; take your time picking it out.
  • You need both your book and your signed permission form on Friday, August 29.
2. Taking the Critical Reading Boot Camp pre-test!

"Roll Away Your Stone"

Visa Commercial

3. Turning in your pre-tests OR taking them home to finish

1. Finish your pre-test if you did not do so in class.

2. Please complete the NEW homework blog by THIS MONDAY ("Feast Your Eyes on This!") 

3. Remember that you need a physical copy of your independent reading book and your signed permission form in class on Friday, August 29.

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