Friday, May 8, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: May 8, 2015

Focus: How can we assess your reading skills?

1. Warming up with and explanation of what platform you'll use to make your video:
  • If your film will be five minutes or less (or you're willing to pay), try
  • If you have a Mac, use iMovie.
  • If you have a laptop with Windows and your film will be longer than five minutes, try Movie Maker.

2. Enjoying MAP testing

1. Script should be finished at this point; record your narration at home.
2. Assigned book club reading and activities (characterization, setting, motifs).
3. MAY 14 is the final deadline for revisions, make-up work, etc.
4. MAY 15 is the final deadline for mockumentaries; late work will result in half credit only.

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