Monday, May 4, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: May 5, 2015

Focus: How and why do individuals, time and place develop and interact in a text's early chapters? (Common Core Reading Standard 3)

1. Warming up with characters from your book-club novels (30 min)

a. Click HERE for Characterization Option #1

b. Click HERE for Characterization Option #2

Feel free to mix and match Options 1 and 2; be sure to publish your work on your website!

2. Interpreting and discussing setting with your book-film clubs: Please click HERE for instructions.

3. Publishing your characterization and setting activities on your website

1. Assigned book club reading for Thursday; finish the characterization and setting activities.

2. Timeline should be finished by now and the script should be in motion (only four days left of in-class work time left, as mockumentaries are due at the start of class on Friday, May 15.

3. Script should be done by the end of class on Wednesday, May 6.

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