Monday, May 11, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: May 12, 2015

Focus: What can we take away from our book club novels?

1. Warming up by perusing the book-film club website rubric (click HERE)

2. Understanding the final task of your book clubs: THEME

3. Extending your learning and earning some bonus points (optional, not required): Synthesizing the book and film

1. Mockumentaries are due by the beginning of class this Friday. Late mockumentaries are penalized ten points a day, and Monday is the final day they may be presented for credit.

2. Narration should be recorded before you walk in on Wednesday. You need Wednesday and Thursday to synthesize your work into a polished film.

3. Book club websites will be graded on Friday; if you have anything to add to your website, please do so by Friday morning (I'll start grading them around 9:30 am).

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