Thursday, March 19, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: March 30, 2015

Focus: What larger patterns are coming clear in F451?

1. Designing your ideal playground, comparing it to today's vanilla playgrounds, and reading about "The Overprotected Kid"

Before you read...
  • Design your ideal playground (sketch it or describe it in words).  Create it from bottom to top, starting with what the ground would be made of, what the playground itself would be made of, what equipment it would have (if any equipment at all), how tall it would be, what colors it would have, etc.
  • How do think your playground compares to playgrounds today?

As you read the article, please respond to these questions in your F451 notes (feel free to watch the videos, but please use earbuds or turn the volume off)...
  • What is "The Land," and what makes it unique?
  • What's happened to our playgrounds over the years and why?
  • What is problematic about today's playgrounds?

After you read, please get together with the "I Like People/Grid" groups to which you have been previously assigned and discuss the following topics: 


  • Does "The Land" appeal to you? Why don't we have playgrounds like this in the U.S.?
  • In your opinion, can playgrounds affect the kind of people we become? How so (or not)?
  • What connections can you make between this article and F451?

2. Finishing F451 and your reading journals for tomorrow; this part of class should be quiet and independent.

1. Finish reading F451 and completing your reading journal; you will turn in your journal tomorrow, and it should be finished by this point. Our final discussers and leaders need to be ready to go tomorrow.

2. Prepare your banned book persuasive speech if you're delivering it this Friday.

3. This Friday marks the end of a 6-week grading period; all revisions, missed work (including missed fishbowl blogs), and late work from the past six weeks must be submitted by Friday in order to receive credit.

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