Wednesday, March 11, 2015

All Boys, All Blogged: March 11, 2015

Focus: Are we on the path that Bradbury is projecting in Fahrenheit 451?

PARCC: Shortened class today

1. As you watch each commercial, consider what it reflects about our society and/or how it connects our society to that of F451.  Type your reflections for any THREE of these commercials.

More Netflix
Tide Pods
Jimmy John's 
Radio Shack
Best Buy 

2. Reading back through pages 54-57: Do you see elements of those commercials/our society in these pages? What happened to the society in F451?

3. Reviewing the first 15 words in your F451  packet

1. Please read pages 63-80 in F451 and complete one side of your green observation chart/reading journal by this Friday. I will likely collect your observation charts on Friday.

2. Work on your book talk and be ready to go on your presentation date.

3. This Friday we will have a vocabulary quiz over F451 words 1 through 15 ("abstracted" through "fold").

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